Prices revealed for AFOL Designer Program fan designed sets

Now that the AFOL Designer Program is open for crowdfunding, fans can order LEGO brick based sets designed by talented LEGO fans with prices now listed.

Announced last year, the Bricklink AFOL Designer Program offered fans the chance to turn their designs into sets that use LEGO bricks. A LEGO designer helped to whittle down the designs to the final 16.

Now, the 16 sets that made the cut are available to “pre-order” with free shipping – it is not a typical pre-order, which requires sellers to wait to take payment until the card is charged, but more like a crowdfunding scheme, requiring upfront payment.

Each design now has a price attached to it, so that fans can log in and back the set. Until April 15, shipping is included in the advertised price.

Wild West Saloon – Legopard – $149.99
Eight Studs – kleinraum – $99.99
Vintage Roadster – Galaktek – $54.99
Poiseidonia – dbodky – $35.99
Lowenstein Castle – Raziel_Regulus – $199.99
Bikes! – mdt.maikel – $49.99
Imagine it! Built It! – Brickbaron – $69.99
Steampunk Mini Chess – CorvusA – $37.99
Viking Ship 3D Mosaic – janyap – $29.99
Clovershire Castle – NewEletia45 – $74.99
Science Tower – TBrick – $129.99
Antique Fire Engine – BooneLangston – $149.99
Hot Shot Carnival – BRIXONATOR – $57.99
Skyline Express – jazlecraz – $139.99
The LEGO Story – BrickJonas – $99.99
Isle of Peril – JakeSadovich – $99.99

Pre-orders end in April with the sets set to ship almost immediately.

Be sure to let Brick Fanatics know on social media which designs look most appealing.

To continue to support the work of Brick Fanatics, please buy your LEGO sets from and Amazon using our affiliate links.


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