Reddit users show off impressive Father’s Day LEGO haul

LEGO fans on Reddit had clearly had a very good Father’s Day this year, as they took to the site to display sets large and small.

Father’s Day used to involve little more than remembering to buy a card before the day itself, but of late it seems the game has moved on. Nowadays, fathers seem to get not just a card, but gifts, and not just from their children but from spouses and parents too. Looking at the r/lego reddit, it seems that Lego was a popular gift, and some fathers were, quite frankly, making out like bandits!

User DonkenG seemed pretty happy with 76200 Bro Thor’s New Asgard while EVERYlosersHERO attracted plenty of comments about the handmade picture of his family as minifigures.

Pigsfly77 got their first introduction to the world of LEGO when their mother bought them 75318 The Child while JDangle20 will probably be thinking he’s handing too much pocket money to his daughter after she presented him with 21320 Dinosaur Fossils and 21330 Home Alone.

More than a few Dads woke up on Father’s Day to find a Transformer waiting for them such as Smorts5610302 Optimus Prime proved a very popular gift, while runner-up in the ‘Winning Father’s Day’ stakes has to go to bradfo83, who at the time of posting, was already well into building 71043 Hogwarts Castle.

First place, however, has to go to andrewfishbooth, whose wife decided that he was clearly doing a great job as a Dad, and rewarded him with the Ultimate Collector set, 75192 Millennium Falcon.

lego millennium falcon reddit
Image: andrewfishbooth

Our advice to all the Dads out there – start leaving your ‘want’ list lying around sometime in early May.

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