See inside every LEGO fan’s dream house

A house in Wisconsin in the United States is kitted out with

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decor and the building room of our dreams – and it just sold to one lucky buyer.

From the outside, the house looks much like any other, with a grey exterior and a large front garden. Inside, the three-bedroom home tells quite a different story.

Decorated by previous owner Jameson Gagnepain, vice president of the Kenosha

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Users Group, the kitchen and open-plan dining room feature a LEGO-brick backsplash behind the hob made up of more than 4,000 pieces, various LEGO-themed murals on every possible wall, and a brick-style table to eat from.

The bathroom is also suitably decorated, with a LEGO shower curtain, stud hooks to hang your towels from, and even a mounted minifigure to hand you your toilet paper. Throughout the house, every wall colour has been carefully chosen to match LEGO brick shades.

Still, it’s in the basement where the real magic happens. Two rooms are ready to go as the perfect building rooms, already set up with a wall full of storage bins ideal for organising your LEGO bricks. There’s also an extendable table on wheels for you to use on any ongoing projects, as well as a smart-looking office, complete with LEGO artwork on the walls.

Sadly, one Wisconsin LEGO fan has already beaten us to the market, according to NBC. The LEGO-themed home was listed for $250,000, received seven offers, and was sold for over the asking price.

Even if we can’t get our hands on this house, we’ll be taking a lead out of Gagnepain’s book when it comes to redecorating.

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Featured image: Alissa Traughber/HAPI Photography via Zillow.

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