Six details we spotted in LEGO ICONS 10308 Holiday Main Street

The latest LEGO Winter Village model is packed full of Easter eggs and details for fans to spot so here are six that we’ve found so far. 

10308 Holiday Main Street, which goes by a different name depending on where you live, will be available soon on October 7, or October 3 for VIP members. 

While we wait for this seasonal set to launch, we’ve analysed the official images and found six fun details in the build. It’s also worth mentioning that one of the minifigures is sporting a familiar uniform. However, here are six things we spotted in LEGO 10308 Holiday Main Street

6 – The wooden duck

The toy store in 10308 Holiday Main Street includes a familiar piece of LEGO history in its signage as a silhouette of the nostalgic wooden duck is included next to the name of the shop – Santa’s Toys and Games. This toy is also represented in the LEGO House-exclusive 40501 The Wooden Duck.


5 – A gingerbread house

A reference to both 10267 Gingerbread House and 40337 Microscale Gingerbread House can be found on the wall of the music store, calling back to this sweet Winter Village model.

4 – Advertising 

10308 Holiday Main Street is more focused on shopping than previous LEGO Winter Village entries with two shops for minifigures to undergo some retail therapy. To help get minifigures through the door, these businesses are advertising their wares on the included tram. 

3 – Gutters and drainpipes 

One of the buildings in 10308 Holiday Main Street incorporates a building that few LEGO models have in the past. The music store features gutters and drainpipes. While it’s not the most exciting detail, it’s one that wasn’t entirely necessary but is still appreciated without adding too much to the piece count. 

2 – Minifigure history 

The design teams behind the LEGO Winter Village models revel in telling a story through the build, such as the family in 10293 Santa’s Visit and the memories of the Claus family holiday in 10245 Santa’s Workshop. 10308 Holiday Main Street continues this idea with a newspaper clipping on the wall of the music store calling back to the glory days of the musician owner. 

1 – A familiar post office 

The logo on the side of the postbox in 10308 Holiday Main Street might look familiar as it’s the same design used for the Winter Village postal team seen in sets including 10222 Winter Village Post Office and 10259 Winter Village Station. Their work continues in the 2022 Winter Village set. 

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