Star Wars Resistance extended preview and confirmed air date

Lucasfilm has announced when the new animated series Star Wars Resistance will launch and provided an extended preview.

Star Wars animation has covered the prequel era, the classic era and now moves into the sequel era, with Star Wars Resistance. The new television series is set in the years prior to The Force Awakens, incorporating cameos from characters introduced in the Disney era of Star Wars. This new show will launch in the USA on October 7 on Disney Channel and DisneyNOW at 10.00pm with a special double length episode.

This new extended preview focuses on the secret mission that pilot Kazuda Xiono will be undertaking for the Resistance, with first glimpses at Captain Phasma (who is voiced in the series by movie actor Gwendoline Christie) and General Leia (voiced by Rachel Butera).

Star Wars Resistance is targeted at a younger audience than the previous animated series, suggesting that the subject matter will not go to the same dark places that were touched on in The Clone Wars and Rebels.

No UK air date has been announced at this time, stay tuned for more information as soon as it is available.

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