The evolution of LEGO Marvel’s Loki minifigures

With the release of Marvel’s Loki series finally here, what better time to look through the history of his mischievous LEGO minifigures and where you can get the fan-favourite character today.

There’s no need to worry about spoilers for the new superhero series here as YouTuber Ashnflash has decided to herald the arrival of the show with a deep-dive into LEGO Loki’s brick-built history. The character, who was first introduced in Thor in 2011, wouldn’t get a minifigure until the next year as the LEGO Group kicked off their revitalised superhero theme with The Avengers.

As the antagonist to the superpowered team, Loki appeared in three sets from catching a ride in 6867 Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape to leading a Chitauri invasion in 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle.

After a gap of four years, the appearance of the god of mischief became somewhat more regular, following his appearances in the MCU. The next set to feature Loki would provide a very similar minifigure with an updated staff, now complete with infinity stone. 10721 Iron Man vs. Loki was a 2016 set that featured updated appearances of both Loki and Iron Man with a model aimed at younger builders.

2017 would see the appearance of the first Loki minifigure not wearing the Asgardian leather outfit from The Avengers with Thor Ragnarok seeing the gods stranded on a distant world. This version of the character appeared in 76088 Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash with the green and grey replace by a blue jacket with a bright yellow cape.

The final two, and most recent appearances of Loki don’t directly tie back to the MCU with appearances either inspired by the movies or taken from the comics. The smaller minifigure seen in the video could be found in 76091 Mighty Micros: Thor vs. Loki with a mischievous smile befitting of Loki.

76152 Avengers Wrath of Loki is the home of the newest iteration of the character with a unique costume design, making it a great option for Loki-lovers who missed out on the past nine years of minifigures.

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