The LEGO Group and Tencent Games team up for new video game

The LEGO Group and Tencent Games have teamed up on what is expected to be a roleplaying video game release.

Earlier this year, the LEGO Group announced a link up with Tencent in China as part of a push to increase product sales in the country. Tencent Games is a subsidiary of Tencent, and in March this year, became the largest video game company in the world. It seems that something is coming out of that partnership, as the Brick Fan reports that Yicai Global has been Tweeting hints about a new LEGO role-playing game.

This seems to be what the recent The Legend of Zelda rumour was referring to, with the sword in these images clearly not Zelda’s. As well as the brick built sword, the images show a minifigure knight and a giant constructed LEGO brick. It seems that this will be a role playing game, based on the images and accompanying text.

Apparently, the release date will be September 19, which is in just a few days time – so this may turn out to be something small, such as an app game for mobile devices, rather than a more meaningful console game.

Here are the phrases used in the teasers:

“You’ve gone through many maps. You haven’t gone into this gaming world.”
“You’ve had a lot of equipment. You have never used this LEGO one. Each piece is individually crafted.” You’ve fought a lot of enemies, but not this one.”

A MMORPG was attempted back in 2010, but LEGO Universe proved a flop and was wound down a couple of years later.

Only four more days to speculate before everything becomes clear…


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