The LEGO Group aquires clone brick brand Soho Bricks

As well as aquiring Bricklink, the LEGO Group has announced the aquisition of Soho Bricks, a company that makes clone bricks.

Today, the LEGO Group has announced that the company will aquire Bricklink, the third party re-selling website that is well known among LEGO fans. Mentioned at the bottom of the announcement is the news that the LEGO Group is also buying Soho Bricks, a company that LEGO fans are probably less familiar with.

Soho Bricks sells bricks that, based on the website’s images, are identical to LEGO bricks, but featuring the ‘soho’ imprint on the stud rather than the ‘LEGO imprint’. As well as fairly standard bricks, more bespoke pieces are also listed on the Soho Bricks catalogue such as ‘Brick 1×1 with a rod’ and ‘Brick 1×1 with a stud’. “Sohobricks is not your average ‘clone brand’,” the company’s website home page declares.

The website is fairly vague about the connection between Soho Bricks and the LEGO medium, but states: “Fair play. All of us here grew up with and love LEGO. Why not build with both?”

Soho Bricks website

Despite suggesting that the bricks are compatible with LEGO elements, another quote on the website suggests that they are not, and are actually wholly original elements: “In a commitment to quality, we invested in our own facilities and crafted each part from scratch. The result are bricks we are proud to call our own.”

While the website for Soho Bricks makes it clear that the company manufactures bricks for large bricks, the scale is very small when compared to the LEGO Group’s capabilities, with the press release describing the company as making “small batches of building elements.”

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