The LEGO Group is the world’s most reputable company

The LEGO Group has taken pole position on the Reputation Institute’s annual list of the world’s most reputable companies.

The Danish company has topped the list for the first time in a decade, following a long string of silver medals. And it’s largely thanks to its focus on quality, innovation and investment in staff training, reports CNBC.

The Global RepTrak study polled more than 80,000 people across 15 different countries, querying public perceptions of worldwide businesses. Factors under consideration were a company’s products, financial performance, leadership, innovation and their impact on wider society.

The LEGO Group scored 78.9 points out of a maximum of 100, with Disney following closely behind on 78.1. Both companies apparently scored highly on products and services. “They’re doing the best in matters of innovation and being able to adapt year over year (and) expand their product offerings,” the Reputation Institute’s director of marketing insights, Isadora Levy, told CNBC.

Levy pointed to the LEGO Group’s sustainability commitments and the launch of Disney Plus as ways in which both companies are responding to the wishes of their consumers.

The rest of the top 10 includes (in no particular order) Rolex, Levi Strauss, Adidas, Intel, Netflix, Bosch, Ferrari and Microsoft. “If we look at the top 10 in this year, we really have a list of companies with decades and decades of heritage,” Levy said. “They’re all very deeply rooted in the history.”

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