The LEGO Group sees rise in UK sales and profit

The UK part of the LEGO Group has seen a rise in both sales and profit.

While the LEGO Group as a whole is going through a tricky period, that has seen CEO Bali Padda replaced within 12 months of being appointed, LEGO Company Ltd – the UK division – has seen pre-tax profits reach £11 million.

Insider Media reports that revenue for the year ending December 31, 2016, saw profits rise to £286.5 million from £253.3 million the year prior. Pre-tax profits rose from £7.2 million to £11.4 million.

In the annual report at Companies House, directors described the performance of the LEGO brand in the UK market as “excellent” and said the company has maintained its overall market share during the 12-month period.

Sales are expected to grow further in 2017, as the LEGO Group as a whole looks to manage ‘sustainable growth’.


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