The LEGO Group tried to resurrect the goat for 21315 Pop-Up Book

A LEGO designer has confirmed that the company attempted to resurrect the heavily-requested goat mould in 2018 for 21315 Pop-Up Book.

Responding to a discussion about the absence of a goat in 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, LEGO Ideas Design Manager Samuel Johnson tweeted that while the LEGO Group tried to reintroduce the mould three years ago, bringing back the rare animal was ‘not possible’ at the time.

LEGO goats are practically worth their weight in gold at the moment. The cheapest you’ll find one on BrickLink from a UK seller is a hefty £45, while broadening to international sellers only brings the price down to £32 – and that’s before you factor in shipping and customs fees.

7189 Mill Village Raid

That’s mainly due to the fact that the goat has only appeared in a solitary set, 2011’s LEGO Kingdoms 7189 Mill Village Raid. Unfortunately, its mould has since gone the way of the dodo, driving up the animal’s value on the aftermarket and increasing its sought-after status among adult collectors.

So when Clemens Fiedler’s Medieval Blacksmith passed review in February 2020, many of us had high hopes that the goat in his original proposal would make the final cut – particularly as Ideas has shown it’s no longer opposed to introducing new moulds with 21324 123 Sesame Street.

Earlier this week, the LEGO Group finally lifted the lid on 21325 Medieval Blacksmith – and promptly crushed those dreams, because the official model has replaced the goat with a husky dog. That’s obviously led to some ire among LEGO fans, prompting Samuel to step in on Twitter and clarify that the LEGO Group is seemingly aware of the burning desire for LEGO goats.

The designer did provide one ray of renewed hope, though, stating that the LEGO goat ‘may come back’. It’s vague, it’s non-committal, but it’s just enough to get us dreaming once again of a day when goats return to the LEGO animal kingdom.

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