The LEGO patent covered more than just bricks

It was 62 years ago today that the LEGO patent was applied for, on January 28, 1958.

Today is the day that saw LEGO owner Godtfred Kirk Christiansen apply for the patent for the LEGO brick 62 years ago – or so common wisdom goes.

Given that it was 62 years ago today that Godtfred Kirk Christiansen filed a very important patent for the LEGO Group, it is a good opportunity to revisit the historical document. The LAN (LEGO Ambassador Network) blog reveals though that actually the patent did not cover just the 2×4 brick, but the building system in general.

The patent in fact covered a building system that would allow at least two bricks to be connected, that “…could be put together in a great number of mutually different positions…” according to the Danish patent application.

These photos show the different brick designs that were covered by the patent, with all of them offering the clutch power that fans have known and loved for more than six decades.

The special entry of the LAN blog concludes:

So: Happy Patent Day – to the LEGO brick – but especially to the awesome interlocking principle that combined with the LEGO System in Play provides us with endless building possibilities ?

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