Tiny LEGO Wonders Review

Author: Mattia Zamboni Publisher: No Starch Press RRP: $24.95

Tiny LEGO Wonders is a collection of models that represent a broad spectrum of mini and micro scale models, compiled by mini builder Mattia Zamboni (also co-author of the LEGO Build It Book).

Every build features a parts list and instructions, along with suggested difficulty levels. Some also offer possible variations that are easily achieved. The instructions are clean and clear, as regular readers of No Starch Press books will by now expect.

Each section is introduced with a spread showing the various models in the context of a larger mini scale diorama. These are particularly inspiring, as it demonstrates the possibilities there are with this scale of building – a table top town may not be possible in minifigure scale, but in mini scale it suddenly become achievable.

Trains, planes and automobiles are all present – along with helicopters, emergency vehicles and ships. A few military vehicles even sneak their way into the book’s final section. Liam Bates’ Lowrider is a particular highlight and George Panteleon’s Bulk Carrier also packs an aesthetically pleasing punch.

This book is easy to recommend as it provides the opportunity to choose from a wide range of mini builds to tackle, with many common parts used and then just a few Bricklink orders to do. More than that though, the instructions are a great source of mini build techniques – for those who want to find new ways to make their builds smaller, this is a good place to start.

Mattia Zamboni has amassed a good variety of mini models for Tiny LEGO Wonders, clearly having selected them to ensure there is something for everyone. A second volume of mini builds would certainly be welcome next year.

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