What the LEGO Super Mario video reveals

LEGO Super Mario has been revealed with a video showing some of the sets – what can fans glean from the footage?

Yesterday, LEGO Super Mario was announced by the LEGO Group and Nintendo. In a video, fans can get a first glimpse at the new product line that will combine building and a game. Brick Fanatics is taking a look at the video to see what it reveals about the new theme.

The video shows the Super Mario figure clearly, with the character coming in at least two pieces – his hat clips onto the head as a separate piece. It will have audio, with the character declaring “LEGO Mario time” when activated. The character also had digital eyes and a digital chest, with a display showing different animations for them depending on the situation.

“Here we go,” says Mario when placed into the green bucket, with a 60 second countdown timer starting. The character must then be placed on certain squares to collect coins, just as he does in classic Super Mario video games. Different squares that Mario placed on lead to different reactions, with lava for example leading to fire appearing on the figure’s chest.

When Mario is placed on specific tiles he reacts differently. It looks like some of the tiles are stickered with readable codes, suggesting that the figure has a sensor on the bottom that reads them. This will likely also be a colour sensor, which is how the character detects lava, for example.

The game’s other characters are buildable figures with a few bespoke elements rather than minifigures. On the whole, there does not look to be a whole lot of LEGO building involved with these sets.

Given that the game shown in the video seems simply to involve placing Mario on different tiles in order to gain coins, there will likely be some rules and instructions to dictate how to play – otherwise it will be too simple even for the target audience.

There is still much more fans will want to know about LEGO Super Mario between now and its release later this year.

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