Shop the Zavvi LEGO sale for the best LEGO Harry Potter deals

Some of the best LEGO Harry Potter deals currently available can be found in the Zavvi LEGO sale, which is live right now. 

There are dozens of LEGO discounts available on the Zavvi website at the moment, including a number of LEGO Harry Potter sets. We’ve added all of Zavvi’s Harry Potter deals to the table below, along with a few sets that are still great value at full price. There’s a link underneath that to head straight to the Zavvi site too. 

LEGO themeLEGO setRRPSale priceDiscountLink
Harry Potter71043 Hogwarts Castle£409.99£379.997%Buy now
Harry Potter75969 Hogwarts Astronomy Tower£89.99£79.9911%Buy now
Harry Potter76403 The Ministry of Magic£89.99£79.9911%Buy now
Harry Potter76402 Hogwarts: Dumbledore’s Office£79.99£72.999%Buy now
Harry Potter76388 Hogsmeade Village Visit £79.99£72.999%Buy now
Harry Potter76407 The Shrieking Shack & Whomping Willow£79.99£72.999%Buy now
Harry Potter75968 4 Privet Drive£69.99£69.990%Buy now
Harry Potter76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk£59.99£54.998%Buy now
Harry Potter76401 Hogwarts Courtyard: Sirius’s Rescue£44.99£41.997%Buy now
Harry Potter76386 Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake£17.99£17.990%Buy now
Harry Potter76400 Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals£17.99£17.990%Buy now

Click here to browse all the LEGO Harry Potter deals at Zavvi.

Topping the list is 71043 Hogwarts Castle, which is available with a £30 reduction at the moment. Zavvi’s current price of £379.99 is the best we can find at any major UK retailer right now. Elsewhere, 75969 Hogwarts Astronomy Tower and 76403 The Ministry of Magic have both been discounted by £10, which represents an 11% discount on RRP. 


There are great offers to pick out across this sale, so click the link below to head to the Zavvi website and select your latest Harry Potter sets while stocks last. 

Click through this link to view all of the best LEGO Harry Potter deals at Zavvi.

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