2016 Architecture, Technic & Exclusive set rumors

The Brick Fan has posted some interesting news surrounding three of the lesser talked about themes. First up rumor has it that one of the sets in next years Architecture line up will be no other then the UK’s Buckingham Palace, according to Allen It’s made up of lots of tan pieces and also includes a mini double-decker bus!! Now that sounds ace.

But for UK fans that’s not all to go along side the large scale Tower Bridge, Sydney Opera house will be, wait for it………………. 10253 Big Ben!!!!! Yes we are getting the famous old clock but at a better scale then the Architecture version. I for one am all ready drooling over the potential brick techniques and elements used it building this. It has a rumored price of $499 NZD.

Lastly for Technic fans there will be not one but two large scale sets next year, one has the set name and number 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator priced at $499 NZD and the other untitled set is priced at a whopping$699 NZD.

All in all there is 4 very interesting sets on the horizon in 2016!!!



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