2016 Lego Stationery Review

For those of you who feel that having thousands of Lego bricks around your house isn’t enough to promote your enthusiasm for the brand, there’s movies, games, clothing.. why not stationery? Thankfully Lego have you covered. This years’ range, which I saw first at the London ToyFair in January takes Lego’s stationery offerings to a whole new level.

Press Release

West Design launches Lego’s new stationery range

The start of the new year for 2016 brings an exciting new range from Lego, distributed through the highly respected, West Design.

Perfect not just for fans and lovers of Lego, but also for those who live to dive into the world of creativity. For the first time ever Lego offers an opportunity, to not just use just your imagination with building blocks, but take a step further with getting arty!

In its new range Lego and West Design launch all manner of an artist’s dreams, from pens and pencils to erasers and journals, and even a pencil case to hold all this Lego-tastic splendour, plus so much more! Of course, this is like no other stationery range, Lego takes full advantage of its famous building mechanism, giving you the ability to break the mould by joining one piece to another to create the perfect designing tool for any mind!

A keyword to learning and growing is interaction, and with the Lego stationery that is exactly what is on the drawing table, rather than just building your masterpiece with one pen, why not try two, three or even four? The choice is yours – your imagination is your only limitation. Build it up, break it down, start again and make something new. Why not have a pencil sharper attached to the pencil? Yes, you could really do that.

We’ve all been there, producing something with that wow factor, when, ‘whoops’ we make a mistake. But where is the rubber? Well, thanks to Lego stationery that worry needn’t be, as you can have your very own drawing saver, eraser, attached to your pencil, ready and raring to go – now that’s a relief!

Prices range from; £3.99 to £14.99.

West Design is a family-owned and run company, and is proud to be sole UK distributor of the new and innovative Lego stationery. West Design supplies to major retailers, such as John Lewis, Hobbycraft, Harrods, Sainsburys, Tesco, The Range and ToysRUs, as well as independent retail shops and the Toymaster Group. West Design strongly believes in the importance of friendly, rapid and efficient service and it continues to strive to provide the best possible level of service to its customers.


They’re quality products, as you’d expect with anything with the Lego name on. The plates are genuine Lego products so behave exactly as you’d expect in terms of clutch power and compatibility with existing Lego elements.


The packaging is sturdy and comes with detailed information on the reverse showing how they can interact with other products in the range and indeed, Lego bricks and minifigures.


Though the markers aren’t perhaps the most ergonomic to hold, the colours produced match their Lego colours fairly decently. The pencils, for the most part did too, aside from the lime, which was more a bright green. Still, they’re perfect for planning your latest build in… which brings me to something that’s puzzling me; I don’t know why in the new stationery range there isn’t a sketch book so children can plan what to build in Lego? Maybe that’s more something that adults do?


Interestingly (for me, anyway) the journal comes with a single 6×24 white plate which has only ever appeared in five sets, the most recent being 2012’s 10244 Town Hall.

Previously I’ve owned a couple of the Lego-branded Moleskines which are more geared toward adults. These items are ideal for younger Lego fans. For one thing, it turns putting away your pens after a drawing session from a chore into stackable fun!


Barry currently works in a school which kindly accommodates his love and passions, those being innocent smoothies, reviewing things, Lego, and eating burgers. He's a lifelong fan of sci-fi and comics, and harbours a genuine belief that had his parents died when he was young he would definitely have become Batman. His personal website is http://www.cakeinmilk.com.

2 thoughts on “2016 Lego Stationery Review

  • 17/07/2016 at 22:30


    ‘Stationery’ is spelt with an E not an A!

    Stationary = Not moving
    Stationery = Paper and so on.

    Just remember. Envelope starts with an E!


    • 17/07/2016 at 22:41

      Thanks.. you’d have thought the company would’ve got it correct in their press release (the misspelling was present in their original!)


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