30603: Batman Classic TV Series – Mr. Freeze review

Before I finally get round to reviewing the Batcave, I want to first review the exclusive polybag that you will need to complete the entire Batman Classic TV Series minifigures line up. I’ve posted details of how you could have acquired this minifigure below. How I look at it is: if you had already purchased the Batcave with early VIP access, you needed to spend a further £50 on Super Hero sets to get him. If you waited till April to purchase the Batcave, then getting him free kinda softens the blow on the amount required to pay for the Batcave. I will go into my thoughts on the Batcave soon (promise) but as for Mr.Freeze – is he technically worth £50?

Promotion Details
This polybag had no product description so instead I will tell you about how you could have obtained it. The polybag was given away with with qualifying purchases at shop.LEGO.com and in brand stores. For UK fans you had to spend £50 on Super Hero sets to get it.

I ended my opening paragraph with the question “is he worth £50?”. Why that amount? Because technically that’s how much you need to spend to get him. Now I had the Batcave and I’m a bit of a completist so wanted him but found it hard to justify spending another £50 on Super Hero sets. I love the Super Hero minifigures but find the actual Super Hero sets weak so I’d rather buy them via The Minifigure Store. Therfore spending £50 on sets I didn’t want wasn’t going to happen. Thankfully I obtained my Mr.Freeze via The Minifigure Store for a reasonable £17.99.

The minifigure comes in a standard LEGO polybag with the same colour scheme as the Classic Batman TV Series Batcave, with the minifigure in a snow scene displaying the word zzzzwap! in comic style on the front. The back has the usual writing on. The minifigure comes with a folded sheet for instructions and the cover is the same as the packet with the first 5 steps. Mr. Freeze is in all blue with a blue head and plain blue legs as well as double-sided torso printing. He also comes with a trans-clear Back Plate W.2 Knobs For Textile. The last part of the build is his freeze ray which is built over 4 steps.

The build is a 2 minute job and for once the minifigure balances well without the requirement of a CMF stand plate. The parts are all fairly common elements and the minifigure is very rare but I do think LEGO could have done more detailing on the minifigure as the back printing is lost behind the Freeze ray pack, though the front is ok.

I’m happy to have him as for now it completes the Classic TV series line up. If you want him for your collection you can also get him for £17.99 from The Minifigure Store.


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2 thoughts on “30603: Batman Classic TV Series – Mr. Freeze review

  • 12/05/2016 at 00:39

    Disappointing review, if i’m honest – not the figure, the review… I don’t think it’s fair at all.
    The printing on the figure is excellent, and the face really does capture that of Mr Freeze from the TV Series. Yes the back detailing is behind his gear… but that is true of pretty much all Minifigures, be it a cape, a proton pack etc.
    Also, the £50 you had to spend to get him wasn’t exclusive to DC Super Hero sets, I bought my son the Nexo Knights Fortrex to pick one up, and if you’d waited a week or two you could have picked up your Batcave and got Mr Freeze at the same time.

    • 12/05/2016 at 07:29

      A review is the eye of the beholder. If you see things differently then that’s fine. The terms of the giveaway stated £50 on Super Hero sets, however I know a lot of people were allowed to spend £50 on any set but for terms of the review I had to state the correct promotion terms.

      I also mentioned that you could have gotten the Batcave and Mr Freeze at same time! I still stand by what I wrote even if you don’t agree with it. 😛


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