3D LEGO Artwork makes waves at Hankyu Brick Museum

A new LEGO creation is making waves across the internet as it is permanently installed at the Hankyu Brick Museum in Osaka.

Jumpei Mitsui has created some stunning LEGO art that recreates a classic piece of Japanese artwork in 3D. The piece is now on permanent display at the Hankyu Brick Museum.

The display appears to be inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa and is a reimagining of the original art. However, Mitsui’s version enters the third dimension, bringing a whole new level of life to the classic artwork. The display features two boats with a cast of sailors aboard them, combatting the incoming waves.

Mitsui has used a variety of curved LEGO bricks to create the foam of the wave, but the rest of the water is made of standard LEGO bricks. This technique helps give the impression that the foam is the broken-up version of these bricks, crashing down into the water.

The artwork is impressive enough that it has been given a permanent home at the Hankyu Brick Museum, opposite from the Osaka LEGO Store. Jumpei Mitsui is the youngest Certified LEGO Professional and it’s no surprise to his creations on display. He hopes to upload a video documenting the creation soon.

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