6 Things LEGO Dimensions Should Do Next

With LEGO Dimensions out in the wild, keens eyes of game fans are already straying to what might be next for the new toy-game hybrid project. This includes some hints at which brands may be coming, possibly the A-Team, Knight Rider and Harry Potter, as well as hopes for the game to come to new platforms and add more features.

Of course before any of these pipe-dreams come to fruition we have a series of releases for the current game that will steadily grant access to all the content. Ghostbusters and Doctor Who expansions packs are two of many that will grant owners of the Starter Pack more sub-quests in the campaign and area unlocks in the Open World levels.

  1. Retro LEGO Adventures – We posted a series of upcoming LEGO set numbers and what they think are codes for the upcoming sets in 2016. These include what appear to be 4 A Team TISI +% themed expansions (with the code AT1, AT2, AT3 and MR T), what we think may be Knight Rider (KR) expansions as well as Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter sets (HP1, FB1, FB2).The Knight Rider rumor has more weight now that a reboot movie has been announced for 2018. Justin Bieber will be the voice behind its high-tech talking car KITT and aim to follow Williams Daniel pitch perfect performance in the 1980s television series. In terms of LEGO Dimensions this is still unconfirmed though.
  2. Minecraft LEGO Adventures – Perhaps the only franchise to match LEGO itself for popularity is Minecraft. Of course we’ve just had the Minecraft Story Mode game from Telltale Games, and some Minecraft LEGO play-sets. It seems likely that we will see Minecraft coming to LEGO Dimensions before too long.More expansion pack codes unearthed by them have the TTG1 and TTG2 codes that may relate to Telltale Games of the aforementioned Minecraft Story Mode. Along similar lines there is also an MI code that could be for Monkey Island, again a game turned into story form by Telltale Games.

    Of course these are speculation based on thin evidence. Many of the guesses seem reasonable while others are purse speculation. Sonic content is guessed at by the appearance of the S1 code on some packs. Time will tell which of these come to fruition and which are mere wishful thinking.

  3. Minifigure Upgrade Trees –  LEGO Dimensions itself is also likely evolve as we have seen in other toys-to-life experiences. One similarity with the original Disney Infinity is that the characters don’t have a proper upgrade tree yet in LEGO Dimensions. Disney Infinity 1.0 didn’t include this either, and that was added in Disney Infinity 2.0 with the addition of Marvel.It seems likely that future iterations of LEGO Dimensions will extend this upgrading from the vehicles to the minifigures. This is important so the minifigures are seen as more than physical keys to content already on the disc. A key part of the toys-to-life experience is that connection between on-screen hero and toy — to save progress onto the toy is an important part of that relationship.

    Also, in previous LEGO Marvel games we have been able to create and customize not only the appearance of player characters but also their abilities. Again this seems to point to the inclusion of greater customization in the future for LEGO Dimensions. Of course there will still be some abilities locked to specific characters to ensure you still need them to access certain parts of the game.

  4. LEGO Toy Pad Expansions –  With the modular design of the Toy Pad in LEGO Dimensions, and the promise not to require players to purchase additional peripherals for some time, it seems likely that there will be expansions that alter the look and functionality of the Toy Pad in the game.This may be to do something as simple as add additional keystone abilities, or one could imagine a substantial rebuilding that incorporated NFC elements so the game could detect and apply the rebuilt Toy Pad functionality.
  5. Portable Versions –  As with Disney Infinity and Skylanders, the second or third generation of the game saw it broadening the offering to other platforms. Last year both came to tablets and smartphones. Disney Infinity also came to Vita although no plans currently exist for Skylanders there.It therefore seems likely that LEGO Dimensions would make a similar move next year. Certainly the thought of being able to play the LEHO open worlds on the go is appealing. Currently you can play LEGO Dimensions on the Vita via the remote play feature of the PS4 but that is as far as it goes.
  6. Special Edition LEGO Dimensions Minifigs –  Again a standard feature of toys-to-life games is the emergence of super-collectible (slightly more expensive) special edition versions of the characters. These offer a variation on the stance and coloring of the physical toy as well as some in-game benefits on the screen.It wouldn’t be hard to imagine a “Gandalf the White” minifigure that came with its own special abilities that the normal Gandalf doesn’t have. In fact, look through any LEGO video-game and there are a plethora of different variants of the characters in terms of both outfits and abilities.


Whatever the plans for upgrading are, parents should be aware just how much content they have already got. To this end I’ve been producing a series of video guides for each Open World of the games. This also shows which expansions you need to purchase to access them.


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One thought on “6 Things LEGO Dimensions Should Do Next

  • 19/10/2015 at 11:04

    One thing that I have been thinking about is the possibility of utilising the pad with other franchises, however with different gameplay.

    For example a Nexus Knights game with a bit of RPG structure and gameplay, where the layout of the Characters on the pad determines their position in a line during battles (attack, support, defence).

    The pack would come with a new top top build that doesn’t have a portal, but other design elements.


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