71245 LEGO Dimensions: Adventure Time Level Pack Review

What time is it? Review time! With Finn the Human and Jake the Dog bringing their unique brand of whimsy to the multiverse, how does it translate into the LEGO style?

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For those of you unfamiliar with Adventure Time, it’s the fantastical story of a boy and his dog, set in the land of Ooo – where there are adventures to be had, princesses to rescue or be rescued by and bad guys to defeat. If that sounds odd, it’s because it is, in the best way. It has a veneer of simplicity but it’s a fairly deep show with some incredible writing behind it. With the sad news that Adventure Time will end after it completes its ninth season in 2018, we can take a little solace in the fact that there’s a LEGO Dimensions Level Pack to play and play and play until the heat death of the universe.

Finn the Human minifigure.


Finn represents the protagonist of the show – a human who, depending on which season of the show you’re watching, ranges in age from 12-16. His long flowing blonde locks (not included) are covered by a white bear hat (a uniquely moulded element). Finn also features dual moulded legs and arms in brand new combinations of colours, a backpack piece previously used as a skydiver’s parachute and a sword. His double sided head echoes the character’s expressions perfectly.

In a similar fashion to characters in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Jake has a number of different weapons accessible to him – a variety of swords, a crossbow and a gauntlet which can shoot lasers.

The builds are Jake as a car and Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant .


If there’s one drawback to this pack, it’s that it doesn’t include Finn’s adopted brother, Jake, in minifigure form. For that, you’ll have to also purchase the Team Pack. For now though, you get Jake in the form of a car – for the uninitiated, he is a dog that can ostensibly shapeshift into anything. A fairly simple build with mostly yellow bricks and a uniquely printed piece, it’s curiously lacking four wheels. Its (his?) abilities include vine cut, accelerator and the tow-feature, all of which are carried over from various Year One vehicles.

The set also includes the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant – an ingenious build that resembles the source material very effectively. A minor character in the show, it has the very useful in-game abilities of flight and gold-brick cutting laser.

Each cut scene features new voice work.


Based off an early first season story, the level begins with a lovingly crafted LEGO-ised version of the Adventure Time opening credits before landing you in the treehouse that Finn the Human and Jake the Dog call home. From there you embark upon an… well, an adventure, meeting many of the iconic characters from the show. The level is of a very reasonable length and there feels more to it than most of the Year One level packs. The all-new voice acting throughout is humourous and, again, very true to the show.

There’s at least one part of the level which is only accessible to those who have a Harry Potter LEGO Dimensions character, but it’s entirely non-essential and just a bonus.

Finn and Jake exploring the land of Ooo.

Adventure World:

If you don’t have the Adventure Time Level Pack, you still gain access to Ooo with the Team Pack which unlocks the new Adventure World accessible from the new Shard area. It’s fantastically designed in exactly the spirit of the show and you gain access to a great deal of locations (or, more appropriately, ‘Kingdoms’) familiar to those who’ve seen the show. A TARDIS stop even lets you travel back in time and explore the history of Ooo should you have access to the Doctor Who build.

For stupid multiplayer fun, there’s the Adventure Time Battle Arena. Here up to four players can play against each other or AI-controlled opponents in one of several timed mini-games. These are an excellent new feature, ideal for a short burst or to figure out which character suits your particular play-style.

Marceline is joining LEGO Dimensions in an upcoming expansion.


The Level Pack captures exactly the tone and feel of an episode of Adventure Time. It’s a great price point for a unique minifigure and mini-build vehicles from a much-loved TV show. It looks perfect, rendered in the same cel-shaded style as the Scooby Doo add-on, which also serves to make it stand out. At this point in time, players will run the risk of being a little jaded with the game and the mechanics, so the continued evolution of characters skills and attention to detail in the level really serve to make a difference.


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