76191 Infinity Gauntlet is available to pre-order now on LEGO.com

The most powerful set in the universe is now available to pre-order on LEGO.com, according to a tantalising video from the LEGO Group.

76191 Infinity Gauntlet can be seen in awe-inspiring detail in the latest video on the LEGO Group’s social media, with ominous music playing over the top as every inch of the record-breaking number of gold elements are displayed. Revealed as part of a range of Infinity War sets, 76191 is retailing for £59.99. Each buyer can only reserve two of the golden gloves per purchase.

The video also picks out the particular details of each of the Infinity Stones, as the fingers of the gauntlet close, pulling towards a universe-breaking click. The image cuts out just before the Snap occurs, so here’s hoping this is one of the realities that Thanos was not quite as inevitable as he hoped.

We’ve already seen the official images of 76191 Infinity Gauntlet, the video shows how the movable fingers can be arranged to recreate the fateful Snap – or maybe you can rewrite time and prevent it from happening at all. However you choose to arrange your gauntlet, it’s perfect for any LEGO Marvel fan to display.

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