Aresenal Superhero Custom Minifigure review

We have reviewed a lot of custom minifigures here at Brick Fanatics but none from United Bricks, until now! Last week we recieved both the custom Green Arrow and Arsenal minifigures to review. I wanted to start with the sidekick first but just because he is a side kick does not mean he is any less amazing! United Bricks is UK based 3rd party custom printers and more. They specialize in military minifigures but their catalog is growing all the time. What’s more the super hero inspired minifigures are reasonably priced at £11.99

Official Description
As the Vigilante’s sidekick, Arsenal quickly became a superhero of his own identity, helping keep his city safe and restoring it back to what it once was.

Printed using the highest method of printing technology on brand new LEGO elements this minifigure is bound to stand out from the crowd. We have pulled out all the stops to bring this iconic character to life and even included a bow.

So the minifigure, for those who don’t watch the TV show Arrow, Arsenal is one of the Green Arrow’s sidekicks and United Bricks version is true to the TV series. The minifigure comes with a black bow and his arrows come in a red attachment to his back. He comes with a red hood helmet element and then the uniform is quality. We have printing in the highest detail on the entire torso including arms, the detailing on the arms is some of the best I’ve seen. It is as close to the show as you could get on a LEGO minifigure. His legs are black but that does not stop the printing detail he has his boots printed on the visible sides of the legs, plus his leg straps are printed front, middle and back. Again United Bricks have made an awesome version of Arsenal. I have seen the official version and I would pick this version over the LEGO one and it’s a fraction of the cost.


My two minifigures came in a padded envelope so can’t talk about the actual packaging the minifigures come with but I bin all packaging as it’s the minifigure we want! If you want to own your Arsenal minifigure then click here.

image (1)

I’m a big Arrow fan so the appeal of this minifigure is massive and I do hope United Bricks continue and do the full cast from the show, I would also like to see their Flash version, as I loath the official one!

Disclaimer: All our reviews are our own personal views, thanks to the United Bricks for providing us with this minifigure to review.


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