Award #3 – £40 or under set of the year

As with each year we go up in price each day as we focus first on the sets we loved in 2015. Today we look at sets priced from £20 to £40. Again it’s a very wide-ranging category and so far the majority of you have agreed with our pick, so let’s hope we continue that way. However, the other four judges all picked something different so to make sure we had a winner I selected my pick from one of the four sets. I expect it to raise a few eyebrows. Do you think we got it right or is there a set that should be our winner?

Adam –  The Mystery Machine

An amazing looking set, that perfectly recreates the iconic van from the show.

Keith – Porsche 911 GT Finish Line

Whereas some of the Speed Champion models look just a bit rubbish, the lines and silhouette of the 911 is captured very well here even though there are a few flaws, the chief one being a 6-stud wide base. But that aside, this is excellent VFM – two cars, a podium and a race bridge, which gives lots of play value and the build is enjoyable. And all properly licensed. Minifigures have proper sponsored overalls, which adds to authenticity. A very good set indeed.

Luc –  Birds

A standout set for so many reasons and a future classic. This choice will be no surprise to anyone who read my review of it earlier this year. Refreshingly different and a masterclass in execution.

Séb – Wall-E

There were a few contenders for me here, and I’d already written a whole load about one set until I remembered how much another one cost. The IDEAS set Wall-E which was released back in September. What an amazing looking set. I haven’t got him yet, but I don’t need to own him to know that for £39.99 this is by far one of the best sets under £40. I’m a huge PIXAR fan and love how closely he resembles the source material. Now that LEGO have rectified the swinging head issue, he can be displayed in your favourite pose above your desk for everyone to admire. Wall-E, we love you!

Richard – The Mystery Machine

So I have the deciding vote as we have a four way split vote. This means I will pick my favourite out of the four sets picked by the other judges. Keith picked a Speed Champions set, this does not interest me in the slightest. The set isn’t appealing and find it’s a City set with licensed stickers stuck all over it. So that goes to bottom of my picks. Next up is Wall-E and I want to pick this guy. It’s my fav Disney film and love the set but it has design faults which, with LEGO, should not happen and for that reason I cannot pick it. Then I was split between two sets I really do like. The Birds is just a wonderful set like nothing we have seen before and has to be in the running for the Ideas set of the year. Then we have the iconic Scooby-Doo van. It is the only set in the theme I bought and then grabbed Velma and Daphne to complete the gang. It also looks awesome alongside the Delorean and Ecto-1. I also think it has a wider appeal than birds, even though Birds is a better build. So out of the four sets this has to be my pick.

This year’s £40 or under set of the year – The Mystery Machine




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2 thoughts on “Award #3 – £40 or under set of the year

  • 05/12/2015 at 15:08

    Wall-E certainly did have his issues and those responsible at LEGO should really take a long look at themselves. Now on earth did it end up released with that loose neck? Anyway, it was still a great looking set, but I can’t argue with Mystery Machine either. Totally iconic and looks terrific.

  • 03/12/2015 at 16:51

    Three days in a row I completely agree! Great set, great minifigures, great rendition of an iconic vehicle, don’t really care for the tree with a massive sticker but that’s throw away.

    Haha and Rich savage against Speed Champions!


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