Award #4 – £60 or under set of the year

We move into the more appealing set terrority today. At £60 you can get some decent sets and with plenty to select from it really split the panel. Keith abstained from voting and the rest of the judging panel all picked something different. So again it was down to me to pick a winner. I decided this time to look at my options but in the end we managed between us to pick a winner. This could raise eyebrows but I do think it’s a worthy winner, don’t agree? Tell us why below.

Adam –  UltraCopter Vs AntiMatter 

Really fun to build with cool play features and features one of the best minifigures of all time.

Luc –  First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

When I reviewed the TIE Advanced Prototype from Rebels, I mentioned certain positives that I thought would make the next ‘standard’ TIE playset worth getting excited about and frankly, it didn’t disappoint. Not only is this probably the best looking of the first Force Awakens sets but it actually stands up against the UCS TIE remarkably well considering the price tag.

Séb –  Pirates Chess Set

This is a difficult price category as you’re slightly under the flagship models from most ranges, but in the higher end of a theme where you might only be able to afford a model at this price once every so often. With so many to choose from, my pick goes to Pirate Chess Set. It’s a LEGO set, a functional Chess set and an army building pack all in one. To top it all off, once you’re done playing, it opens up to store the characters, and stacks up on itself saving you room. We all know how much space LEGO can take up, so this set can just take my money right now.

Richard – Pirates Chess Set

So we got plenty of Super Hero and Star Wars sets in this category but the Super Hero sets are great for minifigures but having got a few sets, I can honestly say the sets leave a lot to be desired. Then you have Star Wars, which for me there are only certain sets that interest me, none fall in this price zone. You got two more very good LEGO Ideas sets but I decided to leave them for the Ideas award. Then we have some very interesting sets from other themes but not any that appeal to me. I want to mention the Louvre as it almost got my pick as it’s a fab set, as is the very cool Technic Race Truck. In the end there was one set that appealed to me as a adult but also pulled on my childhood memory strings and that is the Pirates Chess set. It’s so different from anything else on sale right now and I missed out on the last one, so when this came out it was a first day purchase. You can play chess or build armies. It’s one of the highlights of 2015 for me.

This year’s £60 or under set of the year – Pirates Chest Set




  1. ablaze

    Got this set for my birthday and love it! It takes time trying to remember what figures are knights or bishops etc, but you get there!

  2. Chris Adams

    This was a surprise to me, but looking at it, I can see why it won. Tons of value here and it looks ace!
    My pick would have been Marvel’s Sandman/Rhino set. I know it has tons of issues as a playset, but from my perspective, it has some great minifigures (I’ve been waiting on a Sandman for years) and heaps of great tans parts for MOCing. I wouldn’t have expected anyone else to pick that one though. I’m more than happy with Pirate Chess!

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