Bits N’ Bricks explores the return of LEGO Star Wars Battles

The official LEGO Games podcast is tackling the cancellation and return of LEGO Star Wars Battles in the latest instalment of Bits N’ Bricks.

The tale of LEGO Star Wars Battles’ development is the subject of the new episode of Bits N’ Bricks, with guests from throughout the game’s creation and publication history coming forward to tell their stories.

Everything from the initial idea to how characters were selected and even the way an official, but customised, Porg set gave the development team the idea to include the creatures in LEGO Star Wars Battles is discussed in the podcast.

“There was a belief that this game really could do something, could be a game that people would really enjoy,” said Vaughan Wallis, the LEGO Games producer on the title. “So I think everyone was reluctant to close it down.”

Whilst LEGO Games based on a galaxy far, far away is nothing new, one key difference that sets LEGO Star Wars Battles apart from other titles is that it uses a free-to-play model of gameplay. The producer explained how they integrated such a plan into a LEGO video game.

“Is the game fair and transparent in its business model? We really wanted to make it very clear – in terms of communication and simplicity of the business model – what you could actually purchase in the game, and then making sure that the game was really razor-sharp in terms of communication to the user so that it was crystal clear as to what they were buying,” commented Wallis.

You can listen to the rest of the episode above, with the 45-minute length making it a long listen. Otherwise, LEGO Star Wars Battles is now available on Apple Arcade, following what seemed to be a cancellation of the project.

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