Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 3 in UK stores now

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 3 can be found across stores in the UK from today, but hurry, it’s not on shelves for very long…

Last week we announced the arrival of Brick Fanatics Magazine into stores in the UK and US, starting with Issue 3. Today is the first day that UK customers can walk into a WHSmith stores and find a real life copy of our A5-size, 80-page print publication all about LEGO.

You can find your nearest WHSmith stocking Brick Fanatics Magazine here. US customers will have to wait until April 18 to find a copy of Issue 3 in Barnes & Noble. A list of Barnes & Noble stores stocking the magazine will follow shortly.

Issue 3 of Brick Fanatics Magazine is easy to spot, with LEGO Overwatch’s D.Va adorning the front cover. Inside we talk to two of the LEGO Group’s design team about their collaboration with video game developers Blizzard to create this unique line-up of LEGO sets.

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 3 Collection

This issue also includes a trek through the British countryside in search of Porgs, as well as chat to two fan builders taking part in the AFOL Designer Program, whilst columnist Jme Wheeler reveals a very cool new job he’s about start over in Billund.

Fellow columnist Christian Faber thinks back to his time working with the LEGO Group on 1989’s Pirates line, there’s an experiment to see exactly how many copies of 75956 Quidditch Match are needed for the ultimate Quidditch pitch, whilst we also couldn’t have timed it better to consider the impact that a no-deal Brexit may have on British fans of LEGO.

There’s also the small matter of our How To section debuting in this issue, which is packed with LEGO tips, tricks and techniques. This magazine is designed to offer readers the insight and inspiration needed to build your world of LEGO, and there’s nowhere better to start than in our How To section.

It makes us very happy to be able to tell those of you in the UK (and soon those of you in the US) to go into your nearest store to pick up a copy of Brick Fanatics Magazine today.

From Issue 4, Brick Fanatics Magazine will be stocked monthly, but Issue 3 is only in stores in the UK for three weeks. Do not miss out, and please support the work that we do by going to pick up a copy.

Brick Fanatics Magazine remains available for purchase at, as are 12-issue and 24-issue subscription deals that offer free postage, free issues and delivery of each issue before it appears in stores.

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