Brickish Association pulls in record Space Centre LEGO crowds

Brick Fanatics returned to the National Space Centre in Leicester this past weekend to take in Brickish Weekend’s record weekend

Each year at this unique Midlands location, the Brickish Association – the UK’s largest collective of

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fan builders – come together to showcase the best and most creative builds they have put together. The combination of intricate brick models and everything that the National Space Centre offers as a location makes for a one-of-a-kind, inspired event, with a friendly atmosphere too.

The 2019 Brickish Weekend was no exception and also proved more popular than ever with the public, as record numbers attended across the two days.

Below are a selection of some of the

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builds that were on show during the event, beginning with Gary Davis’ fantastic model that welcomed visitors as they entered the event, based on the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle that landed on the moon 50 years ago this year.

IMG 20190317 WA0056

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