Builder’s Journey features the most accurately rendered LEGO yet

LEGO Builder’s Journey on PC will feature rendering courtesy of NVIDIA that provides the most accurate digital bricks ever seen on screens.

The upcoming ports of LEGO Builder’s Journey will bring the previously Apple-exclusive game to both Nintendo Switch and Steam. However, the latter will have a little help from NVIDIA Geforce to bring the bricks to life in a way never seen before in a LEGO game.

A new trailer is showcasing the improvements to the game, which includes additional ray-tracing, reflections, shadows, and more to enhance both the visuals and performance. The Nintendo Switch version is unlikely to offer the same changes, but will at least bring the title to more players than it could on Apple Arcade.

The game, which is a puzzle platformer where players must rebuild the levels around them to complete the objective, features impressively rendered bricks that are highlighted in a close-up shot during the trailer. These are claimed as the most accurately rendered bricks ever seen on screens, potentially beating blockbuster productions such as The LEGO Movie.

The technological improvements seen in the trailer appear to make the gameplay almost mistakable for real-life footage, but we doubt that actual LEGO bricks can move so independently. The integration of NVIDIA’s technology into the game has meant the need for custom Unity Integration software made purposefully for LEGO Builder’s Journey.

LEGO Builder’s Journey will release on Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 22, but we’d love to see the improvements implemented in future LEGO games too such as LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

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