Building Brick Waffle Maker achieves Kickstarter success

The LEGO inspired Brick Building Waffle Maker is going viral and seeing donations flood into the product’s Kickstarter.

Building Brick Waffle Maker is a new product that a company is raising funds for on Kickstarter. The novelty item moulds waffle mixture into the shape of LEGO inspired building blocks, allowing breakfasting builders to play with their food.

The fun and original project has been doing the rounds on social media, which seems to have led to a spurt in backers as the total funding keeps increasing, having far surpassed the original goal. A single Brick Building Waffle Maker requires a $50 pledge, with further pledges offering the option of including baseplates – presumably to allow for more sophisticated waffle creations.

Brick Building Waffle Maker

“We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well now it can be the most fun, too. With Building Brick Waffle Maker, build anything you can imagine…. And then devour it,” says the campaign’s opening statement.

Despite coronavirus related uncertainty, the company behind the product, Waffle Wow, are confident that it will ship in August 2020.

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