In a new video, fans can get a behind-the-scenes look at how the LEGO Group and artist Camille Walala created the HOUSE OF DOTS.

LEGO DOTS, a new arts and craft theme from the LEGO Group, will launch on March 1. To celebrate the new theme, the LEGO HOUSE OF DOTS was installed in London for a weekend in January.

The unique art installation was conceived by artist Camille Walala, who the LEGO Group contacted to work on the special project. “We decided to do something more challenging and creative and to have something maybe more interactive,” she says in this behind-the-scenes video.

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The video reveals how Camille’s design process works, how the HOUSE OF DOTS was physically installed and where the community was involved in contributing to the project.

“The best way is to play. Play with shape, play with colours and eventually you come up with something you like,” the artist says.

In an exclusive interview with Brick Fanatics, LEGO Design Lead and LEGO MASTERS judge Amy Corbett reveals how the theme developed and became the mix of buildable items and bracelets that will arrive in stores soon.

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