Launching LEGO DOTS

An all-new theme, LEGO DOTS, is introduced to the world at a launch event in Central London

On the morning of Tuesday, January 28, the LEGO Group has invited guests to Samsung KX at Coal Drops Yard. Using the venue’s event space, Lena Dixen, LEGO Senior Vice President and Head of Product and Marketing Development if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, introduces an entirely new product theme – LEGO DOTS.

“Today I am super excited and very proud on behalf of the whole team to launch a major new product theme that taps into the arts and craft space and offers a playful new canvas for self-expression and for building children’s creative confidence,” she says. “So without further ado I would like to introduce you to LEGO DOTS.”

What is apparent about the new product is that it is absolutely not a traditional range of LEGO sets. When it launches on March 1, there will be bracelets requiring no traditional building and three sets that require some building, but less than fans are accustomed to.

“Rather than building 3D creations with LEGO bricks, DOTS is more focusing on decorating and on designing surfaces using small LEGO tiles that we might call DOTS. When you design with these you can create beautiful 2D patterns. So DOTS is especially relevant for those who seek open-ended creativity and the ability for just really endless combinations and expressions and expressing your own style.”

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Introducing the LEGO DOTS bracelet

Lena explains that these are not necessarily intended for those who are already deeply embedded in the LEGO system, but more for those who have not yet been seduced by the satisfying click of the brick. “Newcomers to the LEGO system in play and also children who seek more instant gratification can benefit positively when designing with DOTS. This new LEGO play experience has been made to complement our existing product portfolio and we hope it will excite new and existing fans.”

There is no need for anyone to worry that this is a new direction for the LEGO Group – the Vice President explains that this is simply a new category in addition to what else the LEGO Group offers, for the arts and craft market rather than the construction market.

“There is a big appetite from kids and from their parents for a LEGO theme that is more directed towards the design experience. We have observed more than 21,000 play observations and we have found that some children choose to express themselves more in the decorative arts and craft manner to express themselves creatively and up until now we have limited products that cater for this passion and this audience. So by launching a new play concept in a new category for new audiences we hope to build creative confidence among many more children.”

Based on the research, the theme is intended to allow children to experiment, express themselves, share their creations and build confidence. The level of customisation the sets offer will allow them to design something distinct from their friends.

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While the presentation features visuals that express what the theme is, an even more visually arresting statement has been erected in Coal Drop Yards: “To launch DOTS and introduce this entirely new 2D building concept we have teamed up with esteemed artist Camille Walala and we wanted to create her most interactive work to date. We invited Camille to bring LEGO DOTS to life in this free public art installation that celebrates our shared values of creativity self-expression and also accessibility.

“The result of our partnership, our playing together, is the HOUSE OF DOTS – the ultimate celebration of DOTS. This fantastical house compromises of five rooms spread over eight shipping containers where the walls, the furniture, the frames, everything you see in there is a mash-up of Camille’s beautiful colours and patterns and DOTS.”

The public will be able to visit the HOUSE OF DOTS installation until February 2, although by the time the presentation is over the slots are fully booked up. Following the introduction to the new product line, Lena is joined on stage for a panel discussion about the benefits of creativity.

LEGO DOTS has undergone a long development process with plenty of research feeding to the theme, that with the close of the presentation, has been unveiled to the world.

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