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IWOOT is a popular online retailer in the UK that offers an extensive range of LEGO sets, covering a wide range of themes such as LEGO Star Wars, Icons, City, Harry Potter, Marvel, and more. The retailer is known for offering competitive discounts on LEGO sets, making it a top destination for smart shoppers looking to save money on LEGO. The team at Brick Fanatics keeps an eye on IWOOT’s latest deals and promotions so you can easily find the best deals on your favourite LEGO sets.


The team here at Brick Fanatics keep an eye on IWOOT’s latest offers and promotions so you don’t have to. See our latest posts below:

IWOOT’s Current Top 10 LEGO Deals

We find the best deals so you don’t have to. Here are IWOOT’s top 10 LEGO sets across all themes.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Star Wars Deals

At present, IWOOT provides a variety of reduced-price LEGO Star Wars builds that are bound to transport you to a distant galaxy. Our aim is to assess the prices of all LEGO Star Wars sets offered by IWOOT, pinpointing any promotions or special deals that are currently available. This way, you can make a well-informed choice while buying your next LEGO Star Wars set.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Marvel Deals

IWOOT is a fantastic online retailer to discover the biggest sales and discounts on LEGO Marvel sets if you are a superhero enthusiast. We comb through IWOOT to locate the best bargains on LEGO Marvel sets and have included them below. With IWOOT’s greatest LEGO Marvel bargains, prepare to create some of the most famous scenes and characters from the Marvel universe.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Harry Potter Deals

For LEGO Harry Potter fans searching for the best discounts, IWOOT is a fantastic resource. We analyse IWOOT’s prices on LEGO Harry Potter sets, showcasing any deals or exclusive offers to ensure you get the greatest savings. Get ready to relive the most magical moments from the wizarding universe with IWOOT’s unbeatable LEGO Harry Potter deals.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Icons Deals

IWOOT is currently offering significant discounts on LEGO Icons sets during its sale. We diligently compare the prices of all IWOOT’s LEGO Icons sets, including any ongoing promotions or special offers, to help you make an informed decision and snag the best possible deal. Check out our price comparison tool below to check on IWOOT’s current promo deals on LEGO Icons sets, and take advantage of the best bargains.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Ideas Deals

If you’re in search of the greatest bargains on LEGO Ideas sets, your search ends at IWOOT. As a top retailer of LEGO products, IWOOT takes pride in providing an extensive range of discounted LEGO Ideas sets that are sure to spark creativity and imaginative play. Our team carefully compares the prices of all of IWOOT’s LEGO Ideas sets, guaranteeing that you have access to the most excellent discounts, sales, and special offers. With our assistance, you can confidently buy your next LEGO Ideas set, assured that you received the best deal possible.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Technic Deals

For the best discounts on LEGO Technic sets, look no further than IWOOT. We monitor all the latest promotions and deals on IWOOT’s LEGO Technic sets, saving you the trouble. Whether you’re an expert looking for complex models or a total beginner, we’ve got you covered. Explore our selection of the best deals on LEGO Technic sets currently available at IWOOT and start building your next masterpiece today.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Disney Deals

If you’re after discounted LEGO Disney sets, look no further than IWOOT. We do the work for you by comparing the prices of all LEGO Disney sets available on IWOOT, and highlighting any promotions or special offers to ensure you get the best deal. Whether you’re a fan of classic Disney characters or newer ones, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on these magical deals – let IWOOT help you expand your LEGO Disney collection today.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Batman Deals

Looking to score some heroic deals on LEGO Batman sets? Look no further than IWOOT – Gotham’s go-to source for the latest promotions and discounts. Whether you’re a Dark Knight in training or a seasoned builder, we’ve got you sorted here at Brick Fanatics. Don’t be a Two-Face and miss out on our selection of the best LEGO Batman deals currently available at IWOOT.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Ninjago Deals

When it comes to unleashing the best deals on LEGO Ninjago sets, don’t look any further than IWOOT. Our stealthy team keeps a watchful eye on all the latest promotions and discounts on LEGO Ninjago products, so you can save both time and money without breaking a sweat. Dive into our selection of the best deals on LEGO Ninjago sets currently available on IWOOT and start your ninja journey today.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Super Mario Deals

Want to level up your LEGO Super Mario game? Look no further than IWOOT, where we have the ‘coin’-nection to the best deals on LEGO Super Mario sets. Our power-up is our price comparison tool that helps you jump on any promotions or special offers, ensuring you always get the best deal. Whether you’re a Goomba-stomping pro or a new player, you’re sure to find a great deal in our selection of discounted LEGO Super Mario sets.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO City Deals

LEGO City enthusiasts can shop at IWOOT to find some amazing discounts on LEGO City sets. The Brick Fanatics price comparison widget below will help you find the best LEGO City sets and will promote any current sales or special offers to ensure you receive the best value for money. Let your imagination run wild with the biggest LEGO City deals available at IWOOT.

IWOOT’s Best LEGO Friends Deals

Look no further than IWOOT for the best deals on LEGO Friends sets. Our team at Brick Fanatics compares the prices on IWOOT’s LEGO Friends sets so you don’t have to. Join Olivia, Andrea, Emma, Mia, and Stephanie in Heartlake City for lots of fun adventures, all while getting the best value for your money. Check out our list of the best LEGO Friends deals currently available on IWOOT and start building today.

Do IWOOT have special offers on LEGO?

IWOOT have LEGO discounts all year round on an impressive range of LEGO sets in many themes.

Do IWOOT have Black Friday LEGO sales?

IWOOT have massive sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday on all kinds of LEGO sets.