Every scannable code for LEGO Minifigures Series 26 confirmed

You can scan LEGO Minifigures Series 26 boxes worldwide with Brick Search now as all scannable codes have been verified and added to the app ahead of the May 1 release date.

Scannable codes were introduced with January’s Series 25 range, and are located on the base of the boxes. The boxes are otherwise indistinguishable from each other, but the QR code-like symbols – data matrix codes – can be read with the Brick Search app scanner, revealing what is inside the box without the need to open it first.

Series 25 saw different codes for different regions, with boxes produced and distributed in North America and the rest of the world having different codes than boxes produced and distributed in the UK and Europe. The North American/RoW codes were verified and added to Brick Search recently, and now Brick Search has confirmed and added the UK/EU codes too, ready for the May 1 release.

Brick Search has been able to verify the UK/EU codes by testing two separate, full collections of Series 26 minifigures, scanning the codes and comparing them to which minifigure was inside the box. Series 25 had two different sets of codes for different regions and that appears to be the case again so far for Series 26, meaning Brick Search can scan Series 26 boxes found anywhere in the world.


What’s left to know for Series 26?

There were two data matrix codes used in production of Series 25, one larger than the other. It was only the larger one that was able to be scanned and, so far, there’s been no sign of the smaller code on Series 26 boxes. We’ll know more once the series is officially on sale and we start seeing more boxes on shelves.

How do I scan minifigures?

Once you have downloaded Brick Search – available here for iOS devices and here for Android – open it up and tap the blue button at the base of the screen to go to the scanner.

From there, hold the scanner frame over the data matrix code – not the barcode – and keep it still for a few seconds. The scanner will then read the data matrix code and show you which minifigure is in the box. The video below shows the scanner in action.

Having an issue? Try covering up the barcode with your finger or a piece of paper, or increase the brightness on your device. If that doesn’t solve it then double-check you’re connected to the internet. Still not working? Try these troubleshooting FAQs.

Where can I download Brick Search?

Brick Search is available on iOS devices here, and on Android devices here. You can also scan the QR code below to be taken to your device’s app store, if you’re on a desktop device.

My Series 26 minifigure code won’t scan – what else can I do?

If you’ve tried the troubleshooting tips above and you still can’t get Brick Search to scan the data matrix code on the minifigure box then get in touch via [email protected]. It’s possible that you’ve got a third set of previously-undiscovered codes, a misprint or another unforeseen circumstance!

Verifying more codes

Just because there were only two different sets of codes for Series 25, doesn’t mean that’ll be the case again for Series 26 – so if Brick Search doesn’t recognise the data matrix code on your Series 26 box, please contact [email protected].

We’ll work to establish the codes on your box and verify if they are a new set of codes, which would help the LEGO community a great deal in searching for the minifigure they want the most.

We will also keep updating the scannable codes situation as and when there is more to share, so if you’ve downloaded Brick Search already, turn on push notifications. We’ll also keep updating our Instagram and X pages and the Brick Search home page, and will launch a Brick Search newsletter soon. If you want to be added to the newsletter mailing list, get in touch with [email protected].

Happy hunting!

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A writer, wrestling and football fan – a long-suffering Everton season ticket holder in fact – and Brick Fanatics contributor, as well as overseeing all things related to Brick Search, the LEGO set app.

3 thoughts on “Every scannable code for LEGO Minifigures Series 26 confirmed

  • 25/04/2024 at 22:35

    Picked up 6 today and the scanner worked, though one was very difficult to scan. Thanks!

  • 21/04/2024 at 10:47

    Does this work in Australia also?

  • 20/04/2024 at 22:46

    I picked 5 mini figures up today, didn’t work at the till so got them for free, the scanner app worked, thanks for updating in time.


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