25 Years of LEGO Star Wars

Across movies, animated series, live-action shows, video games, Legends material and even completely original contributions to canon, the LEGO Star Wars theme forms such a core part of the modern-day Star Wars experience for so many people that it’s almost impossible to imagine one without the other. They are inextricably intertwined, and in 2024 the two brands celebrate the 25th anniversary of a partnership that seems destined to last forever.

We’re celebrating by taking a deep dive into the entire history of the theme – from the very first wave of sets that ushered in a new era of LEGO to the latest 25th-anniversary models, and everything in between. That includes the highs and lows, gimmicks and experiments, and just the weird and wonderful sets and minifigures that have come out of a galaxy far, far away over the past quarter-century.

We’ll also be pulling apart the timeline of the theme, from its sets and minifigures to its promotional material, video games and more; speaking to some of the most prolific voices in the LEGO Star Wars community; publishing exclusive interviews with the folks behind the LEGO Star Wars video games and the brand new The Force of Creativity book; and so much more.

LEGO Star Wars at 25

Starting with a deep dive into where it all began in 1999, here’s everything you need to know about LEGO Star Wars at 25 years old. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for our latest features on all things LEGO Star Wars up to and beyond May the 4th.

LEGO Star Wars: from the archive

Already worked your way through our fresh 25th anniversary content, and itching for more to read? Here are a selection of LEGO Star Wars reviews, features, interviews and more from the Brick Fanatics archive, all of which are still relevant today for their insights into particular facets of LEGO Star Wars history.

LEGO May the 4th

Want to see how the LEGO Group is celebrating 25 years of LEGO Star Wars this May the 4th? Head over to our May the 4th hub for a round-up of all of this year’s deals, promos and freebies from LEGO.com and across the web.

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