Introducing the LEGO DOTS bracelet

LEGO DOTS introduces something new to the world of LEGO – a bracelet ready to be covered in 1×1 LEGO tiles

Price: £4.99 / $4.99 / €5.99 Pieces: 33 Available: March 1

The entire concept of the new LEGO DOTS theme is about customisation. According to the LEGO Group’s research, children want to be able to personalise things in a creative way. While that can be realised as sets that require building, like 41906 Pineapple Pencil Holder (review), it can also be realised as a bracelet.

LEGO DOTS will launch on March 1 with five bracelet sets – 41900 Rainbow Bracelet, 41901 Funky Animals Bracelet, 41902 Sparkly Unicorn Bracelet, 41903 Cosmic Wonder Bracelet, 41912 Love Birds Bracelet – each one includes one bracelet and 32 tiles. In each set, the bracelet is in a different colour and the tiles will be unique to that pack.

During the product launch at the HOUSE OF DOTS in London, UK, samples of the bracelet and tiles to decorate them with were available.

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The bracelet is very much for child-sized wrists, but adults may just be able to squeeze one on – as these images illustrate. Each bracelet feature 28 studs and each DOTS piece is simple a 1×1 tile, so there is room for 28, leaving four spare from the pack. Each hole on the bracelet is the correct size for a stud to be inserted.

Printed tiles are exclusive to the bracelet sets and to 41908 Extra DOTS – Series 1.

Beyond as a fashion accessory for a child, what utility do these bracelets have? They are likely to be show up on the wrists of adult fans at conventions, and knowing how inventive the community is will no doubt find their way into fan builds too – the flexibility that they offer may come in handy.

This product has been provided for this feature by the LEGO Group.

LEGO DOTS bracelets will be available from March 1 at You can help support Brick Fanatics’ work by using our affiliate links.


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