Chester resident uses LEGO bricks to repair roads

A frustrated LEGO fan has taken to using bricks to repair potholes in his local town.

Jim Walshe has been repairing potholes with LEGO bricks in his hometown of Chester, UK. To spread awareness of his method, he has been sharing photographs of his unorthodox method.

LEGO bricks are very durable and this means I don’t have to wait for the council to come out,” Jim told the Borehamwood Times. “I don’t think I’ll have any luck getting the council to come out but I thought at least I could combine my two interests and make people smile.”

Back in January, the resident alerted his local Cheshire West and Chester Council to the potholes in the road. One was filled, another repaired, but the largest one was not. “If they just came out and fixed the big hole I would be happy,” said the frustrated LEGO fan.

He has used minifigures to have some fun with the potholes, taking one with Space themed characters as if the pothole is a crater on the moon.

LEGO pot hole

It is unlikely that LEGO bricks are recommended as a method for conducting road repairs, but they make for a colourful solution.


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