Christmas is only Christmas with LEGO Advent Calendars

LEGO Advent Calendars have been a tradition for over two decades, featuring hundreds of unique mini builds and dozens of Santa minifigures

LEGO advent calendars have been running for 21 years now, as hard as that is to believe. Back in 1998, there was just the one basic brick calendar, 1298 Advent Calendar. This year, there are four new calendars to count down to the big day with; Harry Potter 75964 Advent Calendar, LEGO Star Wars 75245 Advent Calendar, Friends 41382 Advent Calendar and City 60235 Advent Calendar.

It was in 2005, with the big rebrand of LEGO City, that the first specific themed advent calendar was released as set 7324. Shortly thereafter, 7600 Advent Calendar was released as the first one-off calendar, later joined by Castle, Pirates and Kingdoms.

Looking back over two decades of LEGO advent calendars is fascinating, with 46 editions released during that time to look over and see how they have evolved.

Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 11 takes a deep dive into the traditional Christmas countdown sets, crunching the numbers to reveal how many times Santa Claus has appeared in the City released, how many exclusive minifigures have appeared in the Star Wars editions and how many Christmas Trees have turned up across the board.

For a fun look at the advent calendars, order a copy of Brick Fanatics Magazine Issue 11 or take out a subscription for analysis of the latest LEGO releases each and every month.


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