Church erects giant LEGO minifigure to promote screenings

A church in Michigan has erected a giant LEGO minifigure outside to let local residents know about an ‘At the movies’ event.

NorthIron Church has gone all-out to promote the ‘At the movies’ event the church is running by constructing a huge LEGO minifigure, as tall as the venue, outside. The unique sight has been catching the eye of those driving past the church that is located in Ishpeming, Michigan, USA.

“We had a lot of people involved, we have a creative team at our church and they built that whole thing from the ground up and we have a lot kids and they’re hanging on that thing, getting pictures,” Travis Ryan, the assistant pastor at NorthIron Church, told NJ. “It’s amazing seeing the kids faces on Sunday morning walking up and their eyes light up. Part of the idea was just to create some buzz so people would look and say, ‘hey what’s going on?’.”

In case it wasn’t clear, the regular event kicked off with a screening of The LEGO Movie, with further films screened for children each week.

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Giant LEGO minifigure


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