Co-op’s top LEGO picks for Christmas

It is interesting to note that the big two players in Switzerland have been very specific on the sets that they are promoting this Christmas. Flicking through the toy catalogue for 2015, you can see that they are really pushing the big ticket items with prices in some cases CHF10-15 off Shop@home RRP!


Best bargain I can see is the Technic MB AROCS that comes in at CHF179 representing a massive CHF50 off RRP. The Technic Crane and Volvo L350F also have CHF30 off the RRP respectively.

Whilst you still get VIP points ordering through LEGO, I think it would be foolish not to save a few quid here by buying direct through the supermarket chains. And there is the added bonus that you can get the items immediately, rather than through the post (but there is always something nice about receiving a big parcel!).


A very good time indeed to be a Swiss buyer of LEGO and with last weekend’s 30% off at Migros, I bagged the Speed Champions F1 Truck cheaper than Germany, Amazon and shop@Home has ever offered. Suffice to say I was a bit chuffed.

Now there is a massive trade off – October traditionally sees the double VIP points promotion on all products which can help take out the dent for those big ticket exclusives that can only be bought through them, whereas on the other hand you can get some stupidly good bargains with the chain ‘30% off all toys’ deal.


I think you have to look at how much it all does come to in the end and if the VIP points are worth the effort as well as if the local shop stocks the product you actually want.
Decisions, decisions and gives me good food for thought for next year.


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