Different outfits expected for LEGO Super Mario figure

Brick Fanatics understands that a selection of different outfits may be available for the LEGO Super Mario figure when the new theme launches.

According to information Brick Fanatics has received, the recently announced LEGO Super Mario theme will offer costume changes as part of a range of sets. As the theme’s launch video makes pretty clear, the set everyone will need will be the one that includes Mario himself, as it activates the game.

That does not mean that Mario will have to wear his overalls on every adventure though, with five low price point sets expected that will provide alternate clothes for the character. The blue overalls and cap can be removed, to be switched out with alternate styles. It is possible that these will activate different games.

Another nine sets that are not outfit based are expected, with the option of combining multiple sets to make for a larger game.

This news should be treated as rumour until there is further official information.

What the LEGO Super Mario video reveals

“We are very excited to bring Mario into the physical world through interactive and social LEGO play,” said Julia Goldin, LEGO Chief Marketing Officer, yesterday. “With this experience we will help millions of kids with love for Mario to engage and play in a completely new way, where they are in control of creating and playing games with their favourite character. By seamlessly incorporating the latest digital technology, LEGO Super Mario is a highly social, interactive and collaborative experience for kids.”

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