Don’t forget to grab your three free LEGO display stands from iDisplayit

Don’t forget, you can still get three free LEGO display stands with qualifying orders from iDisplayit as an exclusive offer for Brick Fanatics readers.

Our exclusive deal to get three free LEGO display stands with purchases over £60 / $75 / €50 at iDisplayit is still live for a limited time, and you can use the code BFXP3 at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

As for what you can do with your free trio of display stands, the transparent structures can help to pose to add a sense of movement to your collection, without a need for electric components. As shown below, the stands are especially effective with LEGO Star Wars and might be useful for anyone wishing to recreate the Death Star trench run or any other space battle from across the intergalactic franchise.

Alternatively, Speed Champions, Creator Expert or LEGO for Adults can be another good source of inspiration for the iDisplayit products, possible to recreate moments from your favourite films or add an action-packed touch to any brick-built race currently being held on your shelves.

Getting to the £60 / $75 / €50 threshold won’t be an issue with the various sizes of display stands available from iDisplayit from cases for rows upon rows of minifigures to a sizable coffee table stand for 75192 Millennium Falcon.

There’s only just over a day left to qualify for this offer with the deal lasting until November 25. Make sure to use our exclusive code BFXP3 if you’d like to get your three free display stands. We’ve also got an early review of a prototype case for 75313 AT-AT to read through as a sneak peek of what is to come from iDisplayit.

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