Every unofficial LEGO modular building to expand your street

The LEGO ICONS Modular Buildings Collection is filled with plenty of sets to make up a street, though these compatible builds can also expand it.

The newest entry into the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection is 10297 Boutique Hotel and it’s likely that another building will release in 2023 to continue the annual tradition. Until then, though there are a few other options for continuing your display, just as long as you’re willing to add a model not officially part of the collection but just as compatible.

From superheroes to a multi-storey city that might need some work to fit, here’s every LEGO set that fits with the Modular Buildings Collection, not including BrickLink Designer Program builds.

4 – The NINJAGO City range

Technically this is three sets in one spot, but given that the LEGO NINJAGO City range is a modular collection of builds that prefer water over a pavement, meaning modifications will be needed to fit them into any LEGO street, we’ve gathered them into one spot.


The quality and colour of all three LEGO NINJAGO City sets us enough to make them stand out next to any other model, but only 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens is currently available for purchase as the other two creations have now retired.

3 – 80107 Spring Lantern Festival

Though it’s also since been retired, 80107 Spring Lantern Festival offered a modular park spanning more than one full baseplate with plenty of seasonal decorations and detail builds that match the quality of the official Modular Buildings Collection models.

Those who didn’t grab the set in time can still look at 80107 Spring Lantern Festival to find inspiration for green spaces to add to a modular display, with it including examples of brick-built water, winding paths and diagonal building.

2 – 76178 Daily Bugle

Despite its height compared to other LEGO modular buildings, 76178 Daily Bugle still fits in well with similar sets as demonstrated in this video. With plenty of exclusive and desirable minifigures, there are quite a few reasons to consider getting the biggest LEGO Marvel model ever made.

The reason why 76178 Daily Bugle is compatible with other LEGO modular buildings is a combination of the New York architecture and annoying another designer according to Mark Stafford.

1 – 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum

Those with less of a budget or not enough space to pick up 76178 Daily Bugle can still add Marvel to their modular display with the new 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum launching in August 2022.

The magical headquarters for Doctor Strange has been recreated in bricks bigger than ever before in the new model, spanning three floors with all kinds of references to find. Thanks to the layout and look of this building, it should fit in easier with the Modular Buildings Collection too.

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