Everything you need to know about the first US airport LEGO Store

The first LEGO Store in a US airport has opened just in time for Christmas, so here’s everything you need to know about the new shopping destination.

As Brick Fanatics reported earlier in December, the new store is located at Salt Lake City International Airport. It’s the first of its kind in the US, with its opening perfectly timed for travellers coming home for Christmas.

Brick Fanatics reader Daniel McGuinn happened to be flying to Salt Lake City the same day we reported the store’s opening. He got in touch with some valuable pointers for fellow travellers hoping to indulge in a spot of LEGO holiday shopping. Here’s everything you need to know about the new store – including how it differs from regular LEGO Stores.

Where is the Salt Lake City International Airport LEGO Store?

Well, at the airport, obvs. But more specifically, it’s located in Terminal A, right next to Gate A9. That’s a few doors down from Starbucks, and just across from the SLC Life Market.

Does it offer the LEGO Group’s gift-with-purchase sets?

Unfortunately not, which means you won’t be able to find the likes of 30628 The Monster Book of Monsters or 40448 Vintage Car there in the near future. Daniel did tell us that the store is offering its own promotions, though, including a range of polybags free with purchases of $30 or more.

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Image: The Moodie Davit Report

Does it sell sets exclusive to LEGO.com and LEGO Stores?

Yep. You’ll find all the latest and greatest exclusive sets there, including 10276 Colosseum, 75978 Diagon Alley and 76139 Batmobile. Daniel pointed out that during his visit, there were even plenty of sets currently sold out at LEGO.com, so it might be worth dropping by if you’re in desperate need of a specific LEGO set. And really, who isn’t?

Can you earn VIP points there?

Nope. Just like the many LEGO Certified Stores around the world, the Salt Lake City International Airport LEGO Store is operated by a franchise partner, rather than the LEGO Group itself. That means that while it’s able to sell exclusive sets, it’s not part of the LEGO VIP program. Airline employees do get a 10% discount, however.

Can you ship sets out from the store?

Yes, thankfully. Depending on what you’re shipping and where to, it may just be cheaper to buy an extra plane seat for your new Death Star or Millennium Falcon, though. The store will charge for delivering your sets based on how fast you want them to arrive and where they’re going. There’s no free shipping option at all.

Featured image: The Moodie Davit Report

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