Exclusive products at the LEGO House

A whole range of exclusive products will be available to buy from the LEGO House when the new attraction opens on September 28.

The LEGO House is subtitled ‘the Home of the Brick’, a venue designed as a celebration of LEGO and a landmark for Billund, Denmark. Test groups are currently being invited to preview the venue, revealing some of the exclusive merchandise that will be available to buy from the LEGO House official store.

624210 LEGO House 6 Bricks

Brickset has shared images of a number of the new exclusives, leading with this polybag:

The polybag simply contains six 2×4 bricks which can be combined in 915,103,776 different ways. You are given a unique card showing one possible combination as you leave the LEGO House so everybody can take home something unique to them. It is estimated that they will have given out every combination after about 3000 years so you have plenty of time to plan your visit!


40295 LEGO House Chef

Linking into the eateries that will be part of the LEGO House, the chef minifigure features the LEGO House logo on the back of the torso.


3850060/3850061 Fish Tank

Two different Pick a Models both build a fish in a tank, a memento representing the Fish Designer that is found in the Yellow Zone.

Of course the most appealing souvenir revealed so far is the 21037 LEGO House set.


The LEGO House opens on September 28, 2017.




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