LEGO Architecture 21037 LEGO House set image and instructions

The instructions for the LEGO Architecture 21037 LEGO House set have been uploaded by the LEGO Group, revealing the set for the first time.

Brickset discovered the instructions for 21037 LEGO House that had been uploaded to the LEGO website, for the set that will replace 4000010 LEGO House. It is expected that 21307 LEGO House will be the previously announced exclusive available for visitors to Billund’s new attraction.


The instructions do not just contain the steps to build the LEGO House replica – they also tell the story of how the LEGO House was conceived, and what it symbolises for the LEGO Group. Fans who are unlikely to make the trip to Billund to see the new landmark can use the instructions along with a few Bricklink orders to construct the colourful building.

The LEGO House opens on September 28, 2017.



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