First LEGO Certified Shop opens in Australia

LEGO fans in Australia finally have the opportunity to get many of the exclusive LEGO D2C sets thanks to the opening of a LEGO Certified Shop at the Dreamworld theme park in Queensland. It’s an officially licensed LEGO retail outlet, although not owned directly by the company as a brand store is. has published a report on the new store, which opened on January 29, which includes reassuring news for fans hoping for LEGO Store style activities.

I spoke to the manager about how this LCS would operate, particularly the events calendar. Like other LCS in the world this store will run a series of monthly builds and promotions. Touching on the matter of the importance of May to Star Wars fans around the world, I was assured that the park’s management was acutely aware of the global retail and charity festivities (having hosted the 501st Redback Garrison’s annual Stormtrooper Weekend for over half a decade) and were working with LEGO to ensure that LCS Dreamworld would have a place on the calendar. I left with the distinct feeling that I’d be hearing more about their May the Fourth plans over the next few months.

The article also confirms that Australian fans can visit the store without a ticket for the theme park.


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