First look at LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot

Early reviews of the upcoming LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot set are appearing online, giving us a sneak peek at the little guy with the limited vocabulary.

An early review of the LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot is up online from Youtuber Ashnflash, ahead of its release on June 1. In addition to Groot himself, the set also contains a brick built cassette of Star-Lord’s ‘Awesome Mix’, plus a tongue in cheek information plaque.

Groot stands 26cm tall and has a wide range of articulation, allowing him to be displayed in a variety of stances, including his famous ‘dancing on one leg’ pose. His frame is predominantly made up of medium nougat bricks with some innovative parts usage such as a vehicle wing for a mouth and shields for eyes. He’s covered with various pieces of foliage and the designer has used the whip element to recreate vines. A handful of stickers add texture and colour across the set.

Accompanying the figure is an extremely realistic brick built copy of the Awesome Mix cassette that Peter Quill was gifted by his mother. It can be displayed as either Awesome Mix Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 – a slight variation from the films, as they were two different cassettes, but it’s a minor quibble.


Completing the set is an information plaque which the designer has had some fun with. It lists facts about Groot, such as Height, Weight, Homeworld and so on… but in keeping with the spirit of the character, each fact is shown to be: I am Groot.

LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot is released in the UK and Europe on June 1, or August 1 in the US. It is priced at £44.99 / $54.99 / €49.99.

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