Five LEGO sets to prioritise before the UK price increases

On September 1, 2022, a selection LEGO set prices in the UK will increase and an initial list has given us an idea of what you should prioritise. 

Thanks to a variety of sets being increased in price early at a retailer, we know of at least 26 so in order of the biggest percentage increase, here are five LEGO sets you might want to buy in the UK before September 1, 2022. 

For those in the US, the price rises have already taken effect, though they’ve not arrived everywhere just yet. 

5 – 75324 Dark Trooper Attack 


75324 Dark Trooper Attack is an inexpensive way to add three Dark Troopers to your collection in a scene that captures the thrilling moment where Luke Skywalker slashed his way through the droids to reach Grogu. According to the list, this will be increasing by 20% from £24.99 to £29.99. 

4 – 76831 Zurg Battle 

LEGO Disney Pixar Lightyear 76831 Zurg Battle 4

Also rising from £24.99 to £29.99 is 76831 Zurg Battle based on Lightyear, the only model in the range to include the iconic villain in his updated form. 

3 – 60348 Lunar Roving vehicle 

60348 Moon Rover contents

LEGO CITY’s 60348 Lunar Roving Vehicle’s price of £24.99 will also rise by 20% soon, so consider ordering this space set before September 1, 2022, to get the realistic rover and three minifigures. 

2 – 76946 Blue & Beta Velociraptor Capture 

LEGO Jurassic World 76946 Blue Beta Velociraptor Capture 03

In what seems to be a pattern, 76946 Blue & Beta Velociraptor Capture will also increase from £24.99 to £29.99, making the exclusive Beta brick a bit more expensive as a result. 

1 – 76948 T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout 


76948 T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout will increase from £79.99 to £89.99. That’s a £10 price rise on the model with two dinosaurs, four minifigures, a market and a truck. 

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2 thoughts on “Five LEGO sets to prioritise before the UK price increases

  • 17/08/2022 at 02:17

    I guess Lego just wants to lose more money. People will just wait for Amazon sales and clearance. ? Lego trying to take value upfront instead of letting the resellers make the profit. But unfortunately that takes time. And they won’t make profit like that. When prices start out absurd that makes demand small. Which tanks prices. You would figure they would know this by now. But as usual they don’t listen or care much about the people buying their products ?

    • 25/08/2022 at 20:18

      I won’t because I won’t shop at Amazon. Yeah they are taking the mick a bit, but if your implying Amazon aren’t or that they care any more about you/their customers you have got to be kidding. I’d rather give my money to Lego then Amazon!


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