Five things we’re hoping to see from the new LEGO 2K Drive game

Now that the LEGO Group has all but confirmed the existence of the new game LEGO 2K Drive, we’re ready to see what new features the game will bring to the table.

Having posted a teaser on Twitter just yesterday, and initial rumours having appeared as far back as over a month ago, the online buzz around LEGO 2K Drive has been building. The official confirmation has raised even more questions about the game, and in particular here are a few features that we are really hoping to see.

5 – Customisable racers and cars 

Ever since the first LEGO Racers game back in 1999, one of the main features of LEGO racing video games has been that the cars are customisable. For a lot of older and new fans, maintaining this ability and making customisation more complex is going to be an important factor for any LEGO racing game. As well as this, being able to change the appearances of the racers for a more personalised experience is definitely going to remain important.

4 – More power-ups

Looking back again at past LEGO racing games, and many other racing games from the past and present, power-ups seem to be a major component of any competition. LEGO Racers had shields, turbo boosts, projectiles like the cannonball and helpful shields against projectiles from other players. Now, we’re hoping to see a much wider range of features that can be used while racing, and hopefully quite a few that actually utilise the LEGO brick.

3 – Single player mode and online

While the original LEGO Racers, LEGO Racers 2, and LEGO Drome Racers all had both single and multiplayer mode, we’re hoping that we’ll see something different with LEGO 2K Drive, especially considering the hype that will come with people from all over the world racing against each other (the likes of which we haven’t really seen since Mario Kart WFC). Now, assuming that LEGO 2K Drive will be available across multiple platforms and consoles, we can only imagine how good multiplayer will be.

2 – Nostalgic and new tracks

We can’t deny the lure of nostalgia, particularly when it comes to LEGO Racers, but the tracks only having one shortcut (if any) and being fairly simplistic meant that for many gamers, it didn’t quite reach the mark. Hopefully LEGO 2K Drive is branching out into a much wider variety of tracks and circuits, as well as giving us some inventive pathways towards getting to first place.

1 – Open world exploration

One of the biggest appeals of LEGO, onscreen and offscreen, is the freedom to let the player’s creativity run wild. LEGO Worlds and its sandbox mode was a significant step forward into bringing that experience onto our screens, and while LEGO Worlds really utilises the exploration factor that you can have with just LEGO bricks, we’d be interested to see if a LEGO racing game can do the same.

The game hasn’t been officially revealed yet, but the LEGO Group is set to make an announcement on March 23.

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